GREAT beginnings –

I’m a member of, an awesome post for VPS host.  Not only in terms of VPS hosting, but providing a community of experts who are generous in sharing their resources with others.  There is a section in the Forum for posting free related services, and someone recommended for free hosting.  It immediately grabbed my attention when I learned that AFreeCloud was a project of Joe Dougherty, co-founder of Secure Dragon LLC. and previous administrator of It had to be good. Then when I checked the hosting plans on offer, the clincher for me was that the free hosting comes with VestaPanel. This would be a great opportunity for me to finally get to grips with VestaPanel on the user end of things.

Roll back almost two years ago when I had tried to install VestaCP on a VPS of mine, I had so much difficulty with setting up the DNS that I finally threw in the towel and went with WEBUZO instead.  I knew that VestaCP was the better of the two, but there was very little documentation and lack of support at that time.  I still would like another chance to install VestaCP, however am sure that working with VestaCP as a user in my Blog will provide an important stepping stone to get there.

Signing up with was a breeze.  I first read the FAQs and learned one was not allowed to use a proxy.  Thankfully my IP must have been OK as I was immediately able to access an account and apply for a hosting account.  The Website is unbelievably fast and the application process seamless and almost instant. The FAQs said to expect the hosting account to be opened from 1-3 days.  Mine was up and running within hours of opening the account.  Good beginnings indeed.  While I was waiting I signed up for the Forum as well.  It’s a bare bones Forum consisting mostly of Server Announcements by the staff and reports of problems by members.  Forum is well maintained as everything else on the Website with no spam whatsoever.