Searching for the FTP Account Function

VestaPanel of course doesn’t come with its own File Manager, which to me as a cPanel user was a big challenge.  So more than ever I’d need essential FTP info to upload files with FileZilla.  The e-mail with my login and password didn’t include FTP info.  So I reckoned that it had to be somewhere in the NAVIGATION BAR, but I couldn’t find a link whatsoever.  Nothing in the Navigation Bar.  Next I thought it had to be in the USER Panel.  Also no FTP link or info in the User Panel.

Finally after plenty of searching and nearly giving up I found the FTP Account function hidden right at the bottom of the Domain Editing Window.  One has to click on WEB in the NAVIGATION BAR first, then on the domain, then hover the mouse over the right top corner of the bottom section, and click on the EDIT link for the domain.  If one then scrolls to the bottom of the EDIT Window, VOILA there is an option to create an FTP account.  Felt an enormous relief when I finally found the option!  And was totally impressed that I could send the info to my e-mail account.  Great stuff!