VestaCP FileZilla Struggles and Lessons

Once I had finally found the VestaCP function to create an FTP account, I thought I was set, just to find that the FileZilla Host Name didn’t want to resolve.  The Host Name was the sub-domain that was given to me.  This was fairly easy to sort out though as all I needed was to Google the problem and then found a suggestion to use the IP address instead of the Sub-Domain.  That worked!  I was finally able to upload my files.

Plan was to create this WordPress blog, which usually is effortless with cPanel and WEBUZO Softaculous.  Not a big deal though as I’m quite experienced with WordPress so downloaded an up to date version of WordPress, extracted the files and was able to upload these without any problem to my hosting account.  This was the first time when I discovered how very fast and efficient my hosting account was.  Speed of transfer was unbelievably fast.  Was totally blown away.