Vesta Hide and Seek CP

My new hosting account with VestaCP comes with compliments of  I was sent an e-mail with a login and password, and that was all.  No documentation, no step by step guide. This ties in with the Terms and Conditions of Service which stipulates the user  to find his/her own way in working with VestaPanel.  The challenge begins!

A first look at VestaCP was quite confusing.  It looked like an index of a kind and was not sure where all of the functions were.


Took a while and lots of fumbling for me to finally figure out that the top part was a NAVIGATION PANEL.  If one clicks on any of the links it opens with its corresponding Window directly below the navigation bar.  I then also found if I hovered my mouse near the top right hand corner of the bottom corresponding Window that it shows some action links.  Took a while to figure out that both add on and sub-domains are created in the USER panel.  For the free hosting account only one domain/sub-domain is included of course.