Plans for a VPS with VestaCP as Admin

Am planning to get a VPS so I can install VestaCP as an Admin.  I first checked out all of the links at for a VPS as they have to be good, but the prices are a bit steep for what I have in mind.

Done lots of research and am presently checking out  What particularly impressed me is when I arrived at a Blog of someone who is not only enthusiastic about recommending but a VestaCP enthusiast – couldn’t get better than that.  Here is a link to his blog:

Review: Reliable VestaCP VPS hosting with HostUS

Only hickup so far is that HostUS didn’t like my IP.  So am keeping fingers crossed that it still may happen as I’ve asked them to please be nice to my IP. Think it’s high time I return to Canada so I don’t run into these IP difficulties all of the time.