VestaCP 502 Bad Gateway!

So this was an interesting experience.  I’d been away from too long.  Then tried to get VestaCP up and it came up with this error:

502 Bad Gateway

This was a completely new experience to me.  My WP site worked.  Even my phpmyadmin worked, but I couldn’t get the VestCP login to work.

So I went to the VestaCP Forum – and posted my problem.  Then started searching on it, and found the solution quite easy:

service vesta restart

This is the thread that sorted it out for me – Imperio to the rescue!

VESTA Forum – Imperio to the Rescue

The VestaCP Forum is  a great source of documentation for VestaCP and it really works. Plenty of solutions there and looks as though this Nginx problem is one that is quite common. Glad it got resolved!