VestaCP Update – October 2017

This Website was started in July 2016 and one year later I can notice how much VestaCP has improved.  With previous installations phpmyadmin was almost impossible to sort out.  I had to search for solutions and usually after using a script that was recommended at the VestaCP Forum by one of the Admin, I more or less got it functional.  But for the greater part it was a real headache.  Roll on to July 2017 and there is no issue whatsoever.  Installation of VestaCP is fast, seamless and all one has to do is go into the panel and set up the users and domains.

Another mile stone that VestaCP reached was to incorporate the Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificates.  It’s still buggy though as not everyone has had success with the installation of this tool, whereas with cPanel this works awesome.  Better yet, cPanel has installed its own brand of SSL certificates that one can choose to automatically be set up for all new hosting accounts.

cPanel is still the better Control Panel by far, however of course much bulkier and slower.  VestaCP is lightweight and lightning fast in comparison.  For a small VPS VestaCP is definitely the recommended option though.  I’m quite happy with it – it’s getting easier and easier to install.  WordPress installation from the command line has also got easier too.

This WordPress site is built on a hosting account that works with VestaCP and I can feel the speed when I work with WordPress.  It’s still the fastest of all of my hosting accounts.  Hats off to the owner of afreecloud and a warm appreciation for providing this free hosting account.  It’s only been a pleasure so far.