VestaCP still my Panel of Choice!

So noticed I haven’t posted in a while.  Mostly because my learning curve for VestaCP has plato-ed a bit.

Learning curve wise.  Although Softaculous was a great experience with VestaCP, problem is that I’ve been using VestaCP exclusively for VPS.  And the life of a VPS compared with a server is much less stable.  For example, the VPS may melt down, or the VPS business may fold, etc etc which means VestaCP will be deleted and all of the content of the VPS moved elsewhere.  Softaculous is not very portable.  Websites created with Softaculous may have serious issues if you want to move them to the next VPS where a fresh installation of VestaCP will have to be loaded.

So I let go of my Softaculous licenses, and am installing my WordPress sites from the command line only.  No more Softaculous.

Issue wise for cPanel.  If one checks the Forum, which in essence is where all inquiries are dealt with for free and one can find a VestaCP solution very easy, it’s VERY quiet.  If one checks through discussions it would seem the bulk of the staff that supported the Panel Script have moved on to HestiaCP.  And last I heard there are now bugs in the panel.  So there’s that.  There are also a couple or more members in the Forum who have created forks of VestaCP, some that are apparently very good.  I’m still sticking with the VestaCP that is provided from the download page including creating a bash script as it is working.  Also the owner gave the assurance VestaCP is well supported.  So not sure whether I completely believe it, but for now I’m good with this.