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Add on Domain Success

So after the successful second installation of VestaCP decided it was time to test an add on domain. I was wondering whether there would be any challenges with DNS. I was blown away by how easy and smooth all of it went. Part of it may be that VPS 27 is a very fast VPS. And VestaCP is also a lightweight fast panel. I’d purchased one of those cheap domains at Namecheap earlier in the day. Then added my name servers to it. It was very easy to add on a domain in VestaCP, only thing to make sure in the DNS setup is to set it on a child template. Not the default template.

I then experimented with copying the WordPress Website on to the add on domain. I first created an empty database. Then uploaded the database to the new database in phpmyadmin. That went super fast. Then used FileZilla to SFTP a fresh installation of WordPress to the new add on domain. Also added the plugins, themes and uploaded artwork to the new installation in the add on domain. All that was left to do was to sort out the domain information in the database and config.php of WordPress, and it worked perfect. One final tweak was to give permission to the new add on domain to own the public_html of the new add on domain. Totally blew me away how fast all of that went. Like under 20 minutes.

VestaCP Up and Running!

I’m a VestaCP Admin now!  Really pleased with how things turned out. I had a domain and WordPress Website up and running within three hours of installation.  Granted I researched the steps almost to death in advance but I’m happy with my progress so far.  Sorting out phpmyadmin took most of the three hours, otherwise the WordPress site could have been up and running within 30 minutes.

The first hurdle I thought I may have difficulties with was the DNS, but that went like a breeze.  Probably because I’d already created name servers for my Domain at Namecheap and the DNS had already propagated.  Only tiny hurdle I had to sort out was finding where the packages were so I could add my domain name servers, and as usual it was staring me right in the face.  It was on top!

Next DNS issue that puzzled me a little was VestaCP created a domain with  Whereas it should have been  So think I’m going to experiment with setting up VestaCP with instead of from scratch to test it.  In this case I added a new domain called, and then deleted the  However think this could potentially create conflicts, so want to test that out.

The next challenge turned into quite a big one, i.e. the phpmyadmin configuration.  I had followed all the steps from a tutorial I’d found in YouTube, but it didn’t quite work out.  Then when I Googled for a solution I lucked out on a script from VestaCP for sorting out phpmyadmin, which I promptly installed, and that seemed to have sorted everything out.  I was impressed with the script as it deleted everything that needed to be deleted, so I didn’t need to figure out what needed to be deleted first. So now I am not quite sure which part was responsible for the success or whether it was a partial success on both sides.  Think I need to rerun everything tonight, to see for myself whether the script can stand on its own.

Once VestaCP phpmyadmin was set up and running, I was able to load a WordPress site.  First I tried my Duplicator Installer but that didn’t work at all.  Next I downloaded a fresh installation of WordPress and SFTP’d the new installation files to the domain public.html.  Then created a new database to which I imported the .sql file of the WordPress site.  Everything went well except for WordPress asking for ftp details every time I wanted to upload a plugin or theme.  That took hours to troubleshoot. Since I didn’t want to leave the site unprotected I uploaded all of the plugins by SFTP.  There is always more than one way to do anything.  Took me a long while, but in the end I had a perfect clone of a working WordPress site running on my VPS.

All in all I feel well satisfied with VestaCP and my spiffy new VPS from HostUS.  Speed is unbelievably fast compared with my two other VPSs.  I think I’ve found a great VPS home.

Vesta Hide and Seek CP

My new hosting account with VestaCP comes with compliments of  I was sent an e-mail with a login and password, and that was all.  No documentation, no step by step guide. This ties in with the Terms and Conditions of Service which stipulates the user  to find his/her own way in working with VestaPanel.  The challenge begins!

A first look at VestaCP was quite confusing.  It looked like an index of a kind and was not sure where all of the functions were.


Took a while and lots of fumbling for me to finally figure out that the top part was a NAVIGATION PANEL.  If one clicks on any of the links it opens with its corresponding Window directly below the navigation bar.  I then also found if I hovered my mouse near the top right hand corner of the bottom corresponding Window that it shows some action links.  Took a while to figure out that both add on and sub-domains are created in the USER panel.  For the free hosting account only one domain/sub-domain is included of course.

VestaCP FileZilla Struggles and Lessons

Once I had finally found the VestaCP function to create an FTP account, I thought I was set, just to find that the FileZilla Host Name didn’t want to resolve.  The Host Name was the sub-domain that was given to me.  This was fairly easy to sort out though as all I needed was to Google the problem and then found a suggestion to use the IP address instead of the Sub-Domain.  That worked!  I was finally able to upload my files.

Plan was to create this WordPress blog, which usually is effortless with cPanel and WEBUZO Softaculous.  Not a big deal though as I’m quite experienced with WordPress so downloaded an up to date version of WordPress, extracted the files and was able to upload these without any problem to my hosting account.  This was the first time when I discovered how very fast and efficient my hosting account was.  Speed of transfer was unbelievably fast.  Was totally blown away.

Subdomain DNS delay to propagate!

My next struggle with VestaCP happened after I had uploaded my WordPress script files and was ready to install WordPress.  When I typed my sub-domain in the address line hoping to get the WordPress Installation Window, nothing happened.  Page couldn’t be found. Darn!

Then followed almost an hour or more of swotting up how the DNS records work. I Googled it and found some documentation at That provided a learning curve but didn’t solve my problem. I was reminded of the reason I had ditched VestaPanel in 2014 when I had installed it on my first VPS and was wondering whether that was going to happen again.  I just couldn’t get the DNS to work. And then it worked!  Turned out that it had been a simple matter of needing the sub-domain to propagate first.

Usually with cPanel the subdomain propagates immediately, but with VestaCP one has to give the newly created subdomain some time to propagate first.  Whilst still working on the DNS and wondering what I could do to fix it, I discovered that the Domain had finally resolved to the WordPress Installation page.  I was in the process of installing my first WordPress site with VestaCP.  What a great relief that was!