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VestaCP Up and Running!

I’m a VestaCP Admin now!  Really pleased with how things turned out. I had a domain and WordPress Website up and running within three hours of installation.  Granted I researched the steps almost to death in advance but I’m happy with my progress so far.  Sorting out phpmyadmin took most of the three hours, otherwise the WordPress site could have been up and running within 30 minutes.

The first hurdle I thought I may have difficulties with was the DNS, but that went like a breeze.  Probably because I’d already created name servers for my Domain at Namecheap and the DNS had already propagated.  Only tiny hurdle I had to sort out was finding where the packages were so I could add my domain name servers, and as usual it was staring me right in the face.  It was on top!

Next DNS issue that puzzled me a little was VestaCP created a domain with  Whereas it should have been  So think I’m going to experiment with setting up VestaCP with instead of from scratch to test it.  In this case I added a new domain called, and then deleted the  However think this could potentially create conflicts, so want to test that out.

The next challenge turned into quite a big one, i.e. the phpmyadmin configuration.  I had followed all the steps from a tutorial I’d found in YouTube, but it didn’t quite work out.  Then when I Googled for a solution I lucked out on a script from VestaCP for sorting out phpmyadmin, which I promptly installed, and that seemed to have sorted everything out.  I was impressed with the script as it deleted everything that needed to be deleted, so I didn’t need to figure out what needed to be deleted first. So now I am not quite sure which part was responsible for the success or whether it was a partial success on both sides.  Think I need to rerun everything tonight, to see for myself whether the script can stand on its own.

Once VestaCP phpmyadmin was set up and running, I was able to load a WordPress site.  First I tried my Duplicator Installer but that didn’t work at all.  Next I downloaded a fresh installation of WordPress and SFTP’d the new installation files to the domain public.html.  Then created a new database to which I imported the .sql file of the WordPress site.  Everything went well except for WordPress asking for ftp details every time I wanted to upload a plugin or theme.  That took hours to troubleshoot. Since I didn’t want to leave the site unprotected I uploaded all of the plugins by SFTP.  There is always more than one way to do anything.  Took me a long while, but in the end I had a perfect clone of a working WordPress site running on my VPS.

All in all I feel well satisfied with VestaCP and my spiffy new VPS from HostUS.  Speed is unbelievably fast compared with my two other VPSs.  I think I’ve found a great VPS home.

HostUS VPS for my VestaCP installation!

Yesterday finally managed to get a VPS from is of course also a sponsor at my favourite community forum  I did plenty of research on it and was finally sold when I discovered someone who was using it for VestaCP installations – Steven Sullivan – who raved about HostUS.  Couldn’t get better than that!

Before I registered with HostUS I first checked out all their locations from an ISP speed point of view.  I checked out Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles and London, and I was totally blown away when the fastest location turned out to be Dallas, followed by Los Angeles, then Atlanta and London was the slowest by a very huge margin.  Learned once again that the geographic location counts much less than how the ISP is set up.  My ISP seems to like the US better than Europe, however specifically Texas and California.

I initially had some difficulties with my IP.  Hostus marked it as “fraud”.  I don’t really blame them as the IPs in the UAE are dynamic IPs.  There is only one ISP here and static IPs are enormously expensive and well out of the reach of private users.  The dynamic IPs are shared with a good number of spammers.  All one has to do is to check my IP in, and one can see this.  When I first discovered it as staff I was horrified.  For a number of years I tried a really good VPN to bypass this, but nowadays web hosts don’t allow one to subscribe with proxies, so damned if one does and damned if one doesn’t!

This experience turned into a great test for HostUS customer dealings and they came up tops.  I was first asked for proof which I presented in the form of invoices from other commercial free hosting providers.  I also mentioned I was a member of freevps.  I then was given an invoice, which I promptly paid with PayPal.  Regrettably HostUS is using a partner to verify Paypal payments, and I got into difficulties with verification as well.  After a day of waiting I sent a query with a copy of my PayPal payment and then someone at HostUS took charge and I immediately received my new VPS information.  The ticket system at HostUS has a very fast turn around.  Staff  at HostUS are very courteous and helpful making for a great user experience.

Tried the VPS out last night just to see whether I could get in and everything is ready.  I checked the OS I was set up with and it’s a minimal installation of CentOS – just the way I wanted it without having asked for it.  The VPS was also set up for my chosen location which is Dallas – the fastest location in the tests I’d done previously.  I now just need some time so hopefully there will be this weekend – fingers crossed.  I may try out new ways to secure the VPS first before I start my VestaCP installation.  Like I haven’t tried the key security yet.  I did manage to find a PuTTY link and have created a key, so will see over the weekend if I can use that key with HostUS.  HostUS has an option in its VPS Panel for setting up the key.  So may try that out.

OK now for the details and price of this spiffy new VPS of mine. I went for the most basic one as I was after a cheap VPS.  I was hoping for 1 core and 1GB RAM, but 768 MB RAM and 768 MB vSwap should be OK.  Price is 7.98 US $ per quarter (2.66 US $/month). I thought that was a really great deal:

OpenVZ (unmanaged)
1 CPU Core
768 MB RAM & 768 MB vSwap
20 GB Disk Space
500GB Bandwidth
1 IPv 4
1 IPv6 plus 3 additional ones that can be claimed (I’ll probably stick with the IPv4 for now)
Great User Panel with plenty of Admin options including ability to reset OS

More info about the VPS is available from

In the meanwhile I’ve also set up the domain I’m going to use with NameCheap for two new name servers.  NameCheap allows one to create two name servers with one IP.  Thought I may just as well do that so by the time I load VestaCP the DNS will have propagated.  We’re getting there!




GREAT beginnings –

I’m a member of, an awesome post for VPS host.  Not only in terms of VPS hosting, but providing a community of experts who are generous in sharing their resources with others.  There is a section in the Forum for posting free related services, and someone recommended for free hosting.  It immediately grabbed my attention when I learned that AFreeCloud was a project of Joe Dougherty, co-founder of Secure Dragon LLC. and previous administrator of It had to be good. Then when I checked the hosting plans on offer, the clincher for me was that the free hosting comes with VestaPanel. This would be a great opportunity for me to finally get to grips with VestaPanel on the user end of things.

Roll back almost two years ago when I had tried to install VestaCP on a VPS of mine, I had so much difficulty with setting up the DNS that I finally threw in the towel and went with WEBUZO instead.  I knew that VestaCP was the better of the two, but there was very little documentation and lack of support at that time.  I still would like another chance to install VestaCP, however am sure that working with VestaCP as a user in my Blog will provide an important stepping stone to get there.

Signing up with was a breeze.  I first read the FAQs and learned one was not allowed to use a proxy.  Thankfully my IP must have been OK as I was immediately able to access an account and apply for a hosting account.  The Website is unbelievably fast and the application process seamless and almost instant. The FAQs said to expect the hosting account to be opened from 1-3 days.  Mine was up and running within hours of opening the account.  Good beginnings indeed.  While I was waiting I signed up for the Forum as well.  It’s a bare bones Forum consisting mostly of Server Announcements by the staff and reports of problems by members.  Forum is well maintained as everything else on the Website with no spam whatsoever.

Vesta Hide and Seek CP

My new hosting account with VestaCP comes with compliments of  I was sent an e-mail with a login and password, and that was all.  No documentation, no step by step guide. This ties in with the Terms and Conditions of Service which stipulates the user  to find his/her own way in working with VestaPanel.  The challenge begins!

A first look at VestaCP was quite confusing.  It looked like an index of a kind and was not sure where all of the functions were.


Took a while and lots of fumbling for me to finally figure out that the top part was a NAVIGATION PANEL.  If one clicks on any of the links it opens with its corresponding Window directly below the navigation bar.  I then also found if I hovered my mouse near the top right hand corner of the bottom corresponding Window that it shows some action links.  Took a while to figure out that both add on and sub-domains are created in the USER panel.  For the free hosting account only one domain/sub-domain is included of course.

GREAT WordPress hosting experience!

Once I had overcome the initial struggles with getting to grips with VestaCP, setting WordPress up with my hosting account from was an absolute pleasure.  The hosting account is unbelievably fast, like probably double or even triple the speed of my average free hosting experiences to date.  Plugins were installed almost instantly.  Just a couple of clicks and I had installed my Twenty Thirteen and Child themes, WordFence and Limit Login Attempts and Duplicator Backup and Migrate Plugins.  I also turned off the comments as I usually do, deleted all of the posts and pages as well as plugins and themes that had been pre-installed. Created a few pages and a menu on the fly. All of that in a matter of minutes.

I’m almost certain this is going to turn into a favourite free hosting account of mine.  I love how fast it works!  Thanks Afreecloud and thanks to Xinen at who introduced our Forum to Afreecloud!

Afreecloud passes the Duplicator test!

I’m a great lover of the WordPress Duplicator Plugin that allows one to back up and move WordPress sites effortlessly.  However, probably because it is as good as it is, it can be quite finicky with how PHP needs to be set up.  With cPanel one does get a good idea which version PHP is being used and what options have been selected by the Admin.  With some cPanel setups one can even enable those options oneself.  With VestaCP there is no separate section for PHP and no visible info about its configuration.  Closest one gets  is when one checks the Domain in the edit window and one can see the basic options that have been enabled for PHP.  So of course since this is a very basic free hosting account and VestaCP a very basic panel, I fully expected the Duplicator plugin NOT to work.  And then couldn’t believe when it actually worked!

First the Backup Process passed the initial test by the Duplicator Plugin dialog Window, then indicated a few problems including the processing time that the PHP had been set up with.  I then overrode those, and I’m almost certain the processing time issue was sorted out because of the great speed of the hosting account.  I was blown away by the speed with which the backup package was created.  Was effortless to download it to my computer as well.

I still have to experiment whether I can use the Duplicator Plugin to migrate an existing WordPress site to the hosting account with VestaCP – probably could have done it, although it would have been tricky and I’d have missed out in all of the other learning experiences.  Still, it passed the duplicator backup package test, whereas quite a few cPanel free hosting accounts were unable to do so.  Mostly because of the way the Admin had set up PHP. Another thumbs up for!