VestaCP Navigation

Below is what VestaCP looks like after you have logged into VestaPanel.  Most important is to view the top section from User through to Backup as a huge Navigation Bar.  The bottom part is what appears once you’ve clicked on any of the links in the huge Navigation Bar.  It is where all of the action takes place.Userpanel

To make it slightly interesting, check the top right corner of the bottom section (not in the image above but in your own panel) by hovering your mouse over it.  It will provide you with some action links.  Now and then you may find a large green + dot in the left top corner of the bottom section like above.  That will help you to add a domain or a database, depending  which section you are in.

In the above image it is clear that the bottom section belongs to the USER section.  It gives you the name and a short overview of the account.  If you were to click on the green plus sign you’ll be able to create an add on domain.

Here are the links to the top Navigation Bar: